Our People

Aptitudes’ rapid growth is testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of its team. The company was established by three directors: Matthew Caddick, Kerry Ku and Stella Ho. These leading professionals in the recruitment industry have approaching half a century of experience between them and have worked together as a team for the past five years. 

Each director brings a unique quality to the table. Matthew is one of the longest-standing Hong Kong-based expatriate recruitment professionals within this sector, having worked in the city since 2001. He therefore has an extensive network of contacts, as well as in-depth understanding of the industry and his clients’ business needs. 

Kerry has worked in recruitment since 1996 and brings a focused and tenacious work ethic to the team. Her dedication and huge market knowledge means she never gives up on a role and is always determined to provide her clients with the very best solutions. 

Stella has in-depth knowledge of the industry both in the Asia Pacific region and globally and is a constant source of inspiration to candidates, who look up to her for career development advice and guidance. 

The directors are backed by researchers and consultants who all work as a team on every role. This means whether they are filling a junior SAP role or a high-profile C-suite placement; every client receives the benefit of the entire team’s wealth of experience. 

This working ethos extends to the way the business is run and every employee is motivated with market leading commission, training, annual bonuses and incentives, allowing Aptitude to build a solid and long-standing team that clients can trust will be here to stay.  

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